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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
13-11-2019 : Grey Areas in Pension:- President and Circle Secretary of J & K Com Ashaq Ahmad met the GM(SR) and Sr GM (Est) and apprised him about the grey areas of pension in respect of VRS optees. The modification / alteration in commutation rules be notified by DOP(Pension) and not by DOT/BSNL. The PPO of VRS retirees should contain clear and definite orders in this respect. Both the officers promised to apprise the Director (HR)
13-11-2019 :Future concern in respect of VRS optees:-The National Executive meeting held from 10th to 11th November at Jabalpur, seriously deliberated the VRS offer to BSNL workforce for the so called revival of the PSU.
There are serious concerns and apprehension on vital issues, which are appended below.
  1. The VRS optees may not be taken as a separate group of pensioners. This may lead to dangerous position and pension revision in respect of such personnel may not take place at all, along with other pensioners in future. The DOT has also not spelt out if the grant of pension will be under rule 37-A. This is evident in DOT’s communication No:30-04/2019-PSU Affair at 29th October 2019.
  2. As per existing orders and provisions in pension CCS CCA Pension rules the application for commutation of pension has to be preferred by the retiree within one year of his retirement without medical examination. This rule is not revised and changed by DOPW pension department. The DOT and BSNL HQs are not competent to modify the commutation orders. Very clear and transparent orders also needed in this regard to prevent the complication in future.
  3. The DOT and BSNL have not clearly stated that all pensionery benefits to VRS optees will be as per provisions of Rule 37 - A
  4. Abnormal delay will take place in settlement of pension of VRS optees as contribution of pension are not being deposited by the BSNL. Similarly GPF contribution is also not being deposited. The VRS optees will not get final GPF settlement from DOT Cell causing hardships and sufferings.
  5. The BSNL HQs is not depositing recovered amount of instalments of LIC, Banks Societies etc. These organisations may not provide clearance certificates.
  6. Neither DOT nor BSNL HQs has fixed time period by which all claims will be settled.
All the above issues have been stated by President and General Secretary before GM (SR) who attended the National Executive meeting on 10th November at Jabalpur.

Above are for kind and serious consideration of VRS Optees
13-11-2019 : Resume of National Executive Meeting:- The National Executive meeting was held on 10th and 11th November 2019 in Hotel Datt Regency at Jabalpur under the Chairmanship of Com Islam Ahmad.
The inaugural function took place on 10/11/2019, which was attended by CGM MP Shri Mahesh Shukla and Shri A M Gupta GM (SR) deputized by CMD BSNL. Com N D Ram General Secretary SEWA BSNL and Com Rashidkhan Dy General Secretary TEPU also attended and addressed.
Com C Singh, GS and Com Islam Ahmad President dealt at length about the gray areas in settlement of pension and its allied matters and urged the GM (SR) to appraise the CMD BSNL in this respect. It is the irony of fate that till date the corporate office has not drawn any road map for running the company. The 4G service be launched at the earliest. The management has never consulted union for revival plan. GM (SR) promised to apprise the CMD BSNL about the views expressed by the leaders.
The CGM Shri Shukla stressed that the doubts and apprehension of employees be addressed to prevent hardships and sufferings in future. Workers be taken into confidence to run the services as challenges are high before the PSU. President in his concluding speech stressed that the DOT and BSNL should be transparent in all the HR matters to avoid complications in future, keeping in view the approach and attitude of MOF.
The Comrades of Jabalpur made excellent arrangements and moved shoulder to shoulder to make the meet ever remembering.
Hearty Congrats to them.
  07-11-2019 : Implementation of BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme, 2019 – Augmentation of staff strength in Pension Cells in Circles and other administrative units for smooth and timely settlement of pension cases. Letter No.-48-13/2019-Pen (B), dt-06-11-2019. Click Here
  07-11-2019 : BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019 – Frequently asked questions. F. No.-1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL)-Part , dt-07-11-2019. Click Here
  07-11-2019 : Upgradation of employees under NEPP – reg. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-07-11-2019. Click Here
  07-11-2019 : VRS to BSNL employees vis-à-vis clarity on Pension related matters. Letter No.-TF-58, dt-07-11-2019. Click Here
  07-11-2019 : Informal discussions with Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Restg):- President, G.S. and Com. Suresh Kumar, GS SNATTA met the Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Restg) and raised the following issues. (1) Pension revision of VRS optees:- VRS optees should not be treated as separate group for pension revision. The revision in pension in respect of such optees be done at the same time and formula similar to earlier retirees. (2) NEPP upgradations:- Upgradations under NEPP have not been done in many circles which will result in immortal financial loss to the employees in changing scenario urgent instruction be issued for upgradation. (3) Confirmation of employees:- The employees completed 2 years of service be confirmed. It was urged that orders be issued to the Circles in the matter. (4) Transfer liability of Non-Executive employees:- union firmly told the GM(Restg) that the employees should not be displaced from their parent SSAs as per service condition. The transfer liability should remain undisturbed even after formation of Business Area. National Council decision be honoured. GM(Restg) responded positively.
  07-11-2019 : AUAB meeting held on 06-11-2019 in BSNL MS office under the Presidentship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. & Chairman AUAB. The decisions taken in the meeting are as follows. Click Here
  06-11-2019 : BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019 – issue of corrigendum reg. Letter No.-1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL), dt-05-11-2019. Click Here
  06-11-2019 : BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019 for circulation of Notification among all executives on deputation. Letter No.-BSNL-VRS-2019/DM(BW-IV), dt-05-11-2019. Click Here
  05-11-2019 : Grant of Special Casual Leave to the National Executive Members of NFTE – reg. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-05-11-2019. Click Here
  05-11-2019 : Voluntary Retirement Scheme for BSNL Employees, 2019. (Annexure –I) Click Here
  05-11-2019 : BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019 – Notification of the scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees. Letter No.-1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL), dt-04-11-2019. Click Here
  04-11-2019 : Meeting with Hon’ble Minister for communications and IT, Law & Justice at Sanchar Bhawan, 2nd floor committee Room today at 3.00 pm:- All most all the registered unions and Associations were invited to the meeting and two members from each unions/associations were allowed. NFTE (BSNL) was represented by Com. C. Singh, G.S. and Com. A. Rajmouli A.I. Treasurer. First of all, the representatives of Unions and Associations welcomed and honoured the Minister. Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR), welcomed the Minister and all the representatives present in the hall. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Jee, addressed the meeting and explained the issues of revival package. He added that the BSNL is first priority for him and after a much pain and exercise a very good package has been approved by the Govt. He told the VRS scheme is much liberal and after viewing the welfare of staff in each and every aspect, it is going to be introduced. He directed the management to circulate and print out on each and every frequently asked questions and distribute the same among the staff for their awareness. He added that the issues should be transparent and clearly explained to the workers in the field. Regarding land monetization, 4G Spectrum and other points, he appealed the BSNL Board members and the staff in general that all have to take initiative for fast implementation of the plan. The staff representatives raised number of questions on which Hon’ble Minister directed to the management and asked them to bring out the fear from the heart and minds of the employees and explain everything very clear. He assured to look into the matter to continue the departmental quarters to employees who are residing in departmental quarters and who opt for VRS. Other issues of 3rd Wage revision, Pension revision, Pension contribution on actual basic, will be seen after success of the revival plan. The unions and Associations assured to extend cooperation with management in fast revival of BSNL. Click Here
  02-11-2019 : Samman Samaroh:- The Eastern UP Circle Union organized a “Samma Samaroh” on 1st November at Lucknow in Kaiserbagh Telephone Exchange. It was presided by Com. V.P. Singh, Circle President. Besides Com. Islam Ahmad, the former officer bearers and stalwarts viz Com. Ramnath Pandey (former All India President and Circle Secretary), Com. Rajiv Verma (Former Circle President) were present in the meeting. Com. Sanjay Dubey, Circle Secretary in his speech welcomed and congratulated each and every one for registering victory in 8th membership verification. This could be achieved due to tireless efforts of senior leaders and hard work of Comrades in all SSA’s. The winning District Secretaries were garlanded and offered mementoes by Com. Islam. Comrades Ramnath Pandey and Rajiv Verma in their address congratulated and called upon other District Secretaries to work to win the election in future. Com. Ramnath Pandey expressed greatest happiness. Com. Islam in his speech said the NFTE has been built up in the circle brick by brick and recalled the cooperation and contribution of Comrades Triveni Rai, Ramnath Pandey, Rajiv Verma and Madam Pramila Ji. We have welcomed and encouraged new Comrades with open heart and today UP(E) recorded victory. He is delighted and indebted to all who worked hard. He also touched about the changes taking place in the PSU and assured that the CHQ will guide and protect the workers with full care and strength. Click Here
  02-11-2019 : As per the information of Director (HR), Hon’ble Minister of Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji, meeting the union Leaders on 04-11-2019 in between 3pm to 5pm. After completion of the meeting, details will be communicated.
  02-11-2019 : Formation of Groups/Sub groups relating to VRS. Letter No.-18-1/2019-VRS/HR office, dt-01-11-2019. Click Here
  02-11-2019 : The District conference of Karwar SSA Karnataka conducted on 1st November 2019 at Sirisi under the President ship of Com .Vasu Nayak. Com. A.T Nayak DS welcomed all the leaders. The meeting started with the opening remarks by Com. K.S Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary CHQ New Delhi. Com. Malya ACS Karnataka Circle and Com. A. Rajashekar D.S CO Bangalore participated and addressed the conference. Click Here
  02-11-2019 : The District conference of Gulbarga SSA conducted on 30th October 2019 under the President ship of Com. Suryakantha Patil. Com. Krishtaiah DS Gulbarga welcomed all the leaders and congratulated one and all for hard work done in 8th membership verification in the SSA. Com. K.S. Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary CHQ New Delhi, explained in detail the recent developments on VRS, Revival plan etc. Com. S.V. Arali Circle President, Com. Raje Shivasharane ACS and Com. A. Rajashekar DS CO Bangalore participated and addressed the conference. Click Here
  01-11-2019 : Com. Gurudas Dasgupta will be remembered for his militant grain by his slogan “Jine ke liye lado, ladne ke liye jio”. Click Here
  01-11-2019 : Unity and Tolerance. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here
  31-10-2019 : DOT vide letter No.-9-5(5)/2019-Estt, dt-25-10-2019 has issued orders to pay the salary of ITS personnel on due date. It is strange that the DOT has forgotten BSNL low paid employees to ensure that their wages should be paid by PSU in time. After all bulk of employees are absorbees erstwhile DOT employees. After all blood is thicker than water. Click Here
  31-10-2019 : Revival of BSNL and MTNL by reducing employee costs, administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services, debt restructuring by raising of sovereign guarantee bonds, monetization of assets and in-principle approval for merger of BSNL and MTNL – reg. F. No.-30-04/2019-PSU Affairs, dt-29-10-2019. Click Here
  31-10-2019 : Fourteen land parcels for monetization have been proposed at first instant which is part of revival. All necessary steps are needed at CGMs level to facilitate the monitisation. BSNL HQR DO No.-501-21/2019-BT(KW), dt-29-10-2019. Click Here
  31-10-2019 : Com. Gurudas Das Gupta no more:- Comrade Gurudas Das Gupta, former General Secretary of AITUC and great Parliamentarian for decades left for heavenly abode today in early hours at the age of 82. His commitment for toiling masses, down trodden and working class are well and widely known in the entire country. His oratory skill and frankness will always be remembered. He has acted as unifying force and was successful bringing all Central Trade unions to fight for the cause of workers. The entire NFTE (BSNL) family and its HQR deeply mourn the sad demise of a great son of the soil who has been our source of inspiration and well wisher. Click Here
  30-10-2019 : All Circle Secretaries please note:- The NEC meeting scheduled to be held from 10-11-2019 to 11-11-2019 at Jabalpur is limited to All India office bearers, Circle Secretaries and All India Invitees. But, if any visitor is willing to attend the meeting, they have to pay Rs. 1000/- as delegate fee for food and lodging. The venue of the meeting, “Hotel Datta Residency” is 500 meters from Railway Station, opposite to Polytechnic college, Jabalpur. For any help please contact to the following Reception Committee members. (1) Shri A.K. Mishra, Chairman Reception Committee, Mobile No.-09425868100, (2) Com. Vaibhav Shahu, Secretary, Reception Committee, Mobile No.-09425160011.
  30-10-2019 : Discussions with Director (F):-President and General Secretary met the Director (F) today and discussed the following issues:- (I) Remittance of Statutory and other recoveries by BSNL HQR:- The union stated that on 1st October, 2019 we were told the recoveries effected for cooperative societies will be remitted. But this has not been done. The Director (F) admitted and stated it has been happened due to some reasons. He was apprised of that the societies are in pitiable condition due to non-remittance of recoveries for last six months. Thereafter, his attention was drawn about non-remittance of statutory recoveries viz GPF/Pension contributions, LIC premium, Bank loans installments. Even these are not being done in respect of employees who are retiring. He appreciated the hardships and stated it is now our priority. (II) Special concession to J&K staff:- The BSNL HQR issued sanction for the concession in March, 2019 but till date no amount has been paid. He assured to look into the matter.
  30-10-2019 : Determination of vacancies on the basis of workload – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a)(d), dt-30-10-2019. Click Here
  30-10-2019 : Conference of CGMT office District Branch Patna, Bihar Telecom Circle BSNL:- District office Branch of Patna held its biannual conference on 19-10-2019 in conference hall of Circle office. The meeting was held under the Presidentship of Com. Ashok Kumar Singh. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. attended and addressed the good gathering of NFTE’s members including woman employees. Com. Ratnesh Mishra Circle President, Com. B.N. Sinha working President, Com. Sanjay Kumar Singh ACS, Com. B.K. Singh Circle Treasurer. Com. Vikram Kumar Distt. Treasurer Patna and Com. Ram Lakhan Singh, D.S. Patna were also present in the meeting. After discussion on agenda, the delegates elected a new set of office bearers headed by Com. Mrs. Sarita Singh, Com. Raj Kumar Singh and Com. Ajay Kumar as President, District Secretary and Treasurer recpectively. Shri Sanjeev Kumar played a vital role to reorganize the union in Circle office. Click Here
  30-10-2019 : ALTTC Ghaziabad to organise counseling session for each Circle/SSA to clear doubts about BSNL Tournaround and VRS issues CGM ALTTC No CGM/ALTP/DO-Corr/2019-20, dt-26-10-2019. Click Here
  30-10-2019 : Hon’ble MoC D.O. No.-20-03/2019-PR, dt-24-10-2019 to All Chief Ministers of states not to disconnect the electric connections of Telephone Exchanges etc upto 31st March, 2020. Click Here
  29-10-2019 : Corporate office letter on bifurcation of no of Earned Leave & HPL as on 30-09-2000 for DOT period and no of EL after 01-10-2000 till 31-10-2019 in BSNL for absorbed employees of 50 years & above. Letter No.-48-13/2019/-Pen (B), dt-24-10-2019. Click Here
  29-10-2019 : Corporate office letter on updation of Service Books of BSNL employees aged 50 years & above. Letter No.-48-13/2019/Pen (B), dt-23-10-2019. Click Here
  29-10-2019 : DOT constituted a committee to frame rules for voluntary retirement scheme in BSNL/MTNL. File No.-30-5/2019-PSU Affairs, dt-28-10-2019. Click Here
  26-10-2019 : Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous Diwali:- Click Here
  26-10-2019 : Meeting with Director (HR):- Yesterday dt 25-10-2019 the President and General Secretary met the Director (HR) and discussed some issues at length. The details are as below. 1. Transfer liability:- The attention of the Director (HR) was drawn to letter No.-4-02/2014-Restg Vol(Pt), dt-17-10-2019 issued by BSNL HQR for transfer of staff after formation of Business area. He was told that the transfer liability of non-executive Cadres is within the SSA as per service condition and this is unchanged. The contents authorizing the Business Area for transfer is against the service conditions and letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg, dt-01-02-2016 issued by Corporate office. 2. Hardships to employees Vol. III due to non-remittance of LIC, Bank coop. Societies recoveries etc as well as non-deposit of GPF/ Pension contributions. The issues were explained. He assured and said these are now sorted out and now it is priority of the management. 3. Vindictive and harassment of staff at Valsad in Gujrat Circle. District and Assistant Secy have been transferred. Non-executive employees are being transferred on pick and choose. The Director (HR) heard our points and assured for appropriate action.
  26-10-2019 : Secretary, DOT letter No.-20-03/2019-PR, dt-21-10-2019 to Shri Ajoy G. Mehta Chief Secy, Maharashtra for not to disconnect electricity of Telephone Exchanges, BTS. Similar DO letter has gone to all the Chief Secretaries of different states. This was conveyed to unions in the meeting of 25th instant by the Secy, DOT. Click Here
  25-10-2019 : Meeting with Secretary, DOT on 25-10-2019:- A meeting was arranged in meeting room 2nd floor of Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. The Secretary DOT was in Chair, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) were also present in the meeting. From staff side representatives of almost all the unions and associations participated in the meeting. The staff side welcomed the Secretary DOT and appreciated the tireless act of Hon’ble MoC to bring the revival plane for BSNL. The staff side who heard the presentation of CMD BSNL on 24-10-2019, and thanked the Hon’ble MoC for stating that the BSNL/MTNL is a strategic asset and it will never be closed. This message has bring happiness among the workforce and it has increased the confidence of the staff, which will be helpful to uplift the image of BSNL in public. The Secretary DOT very nicely explained the issues of revival plan including VRS and appealed to the stake holders to come forward to regain the lost faith of Public as well as glory of the BSNL.
  25-10-2019 : Meeting with CMD BSNL and BSNL Board on 24-10-2019:- Com. C. Singh G.S. attended the meeting with all Unions and Associations yesterday. (i.e. 24-10-2019):- Click Here
  25-10-2019 : Unlimited free calling to any network from BSNL Landline for 2 days on promotional basis as “Happy Diwali to every Indian”. Letter No.-8-1/2018-PDP(CFA)/Pt-2, dt-24-10-2019. Click Here
  25-10-2019 : Com. Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary NFTE BSNL met Honorable Minister of Communication Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji at Patna Airport on 24th morning. Com. C. Singh thanked our Minister and conveyed heartfelt gratitude for his earnest efforts in getting the approval of the cabinet for the Revival plan of BSNL and MTNL. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad MOC said that amidst much difficulties, the Union Cabinet's approval for the revival package has been secured. The Minister requested the BSNL staff to cooperate fully with the BSNL Management to make it competitive and profitable. Com. C. Singh GS assured the Minister that the NFTE BSNL will always committed to the welfare of the employee's as well to the growth of BSNL entity and will enhance and provide the quality of service to the Public. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : Revival of BSNL and consultation with all the unions – regarding. Letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-21-10-2019. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : Transfer liability of non-executive staff – reg. Letter No.-TF-18/8, dt-24-10-2019. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : Promotion from steno Grade III to Grade II and merger in the Cadre of PA from 01-01-2004 on notional basis in respect of officers who were earlier promoted as JAO/JTO – Case of Gujrat Circle. Letter No.-TF-24/2(e), dt-24-10-2019. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : Sufferings of employees due to non-clearance of dues by BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-21-10-2019. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : Popularisation of BSNL Revival Package through Social Media Platform reg. Letter No.-CA/Mktg/32-1/2019, dt-23-10-2019. Click Here
  24-10-2019 : WE WELCOME:- We heartily welcome the declarations of Hon’ble Minister of Communications and IT that the BSNL will neither be closed nor disinvested or transferred to third party. This will put an end to the pernicious propaganda of interested quarters against our bread earner, BSNL. Extremely happy and grateful to Hon’ble PM and Hon’ble MoC treating BSNL as strategic partner.
  23-10-2019 : Press Information Bureau release on Revival Package for BSNL/MTNL. Click Here
  23-10-2019 : Informal meeting with GM (Rectt):- President met the GM (Rectt) and raised the following items:- (1) Postponement of LICEs for promotion to non-executive staff:- The union conveyed its resentment and anguish for postponing the LICEs promotions to Telecom Technicians, Junior Engineer and JTO Cadres. The non-executives are being given raw treatment. The GM(Rectt) appreciated the concerns and told that the vacancies are being assessed as per work load and steps will be taken to get it expedited. (2) JAO LICE:- The JAO LICE result has not been held for last three years. She will be addressing to personnel branch in this respect. (3) Withheld JAO LICE held on 4/5 January, 2010:- The results of NTR were withheld due to pendency of disciplinary proceedings in respect of some candidates. She will look into the matter. (4) JTO LICE result:- It is likely to be declared by next week.
  23-10-2019 : Revival plan as sent by DOT to Cabinet has been approved today. Details are awaited.
  23-10-2019 : Corporate office issued clarification to CGM UP(E), for settlement of TA bill in respect of retired employees. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-1/2019, dt-22-10-2019. Click Here
  22-10-2019 : Informal meeting with PGM (Pers) and Sr. GM(Est):- President met the PGM (Pers) and Sr. GM(Est) and raised the following issues:- (I) Reversion from JAO/JTO Cadre and their induction as PAs as per High Court orders. The personnel branch has processed and sent the file to establishment branch. The issue will be sorted out after joining of Sr. GM(EF) from leave. (II) POs of Jharkhand Circle:- Three cases have been received and these are being processed.
  22-10-2019 : The NFTE (CHQ) extends greetings and express solidatory to Bank employees observing 24 hours strike.
  21-10-2019 : Shri Arvind Vednerkar has joined as Director (HR) BSNL A/N 14-10-2019. BSNL No.-414-11/2018-Pers I, dt-17-10-2019. Click Here
  21-10-2019 : Com. Harishankar Pande, Distt. Secretary, Basti in East UP breathed his last today in early morning due to heart attack. The CHQ mourns the sad demise and conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  19-10-2019 : BSNL HQR vide No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-18-10-2019 has forwarded NFTE’s letter No.-TF-11/3-6/7, dt-21-09-2019 on BSNL’s revival to joint Secretary, DOT. Click Here
  19-10-2019 : Revised guidelines have been issued defining role of Business areas and SSAs. The transfer liability of non-executives will remain unchanged. BSNL HQR No.-4-02/2014-Restg,Vol IV(Pt), dt-17-10-2019. Click Here
  19-10-2019 : CMD BSNL vide D.O. No.-48-13/2019-Pen(B), dt-17-10-2019 has written to all CGMs to update the Service Books of employees of aged 50 years and above. Click Here
  18-10-2019 : New Director (HR):- Shri Arvind Vadnerkar has taken over charge of Director (HR). He was earlier PGM at Pune. The CHQ congratulates him and assures fullest cooperation. Expect he will end the present communication gap existing between unions and HR wing.
  18-10-2019 : Revival of BSNL vis -a-vis participation of unions:- The revival plan of BSNL is receiving very serious attention and consideration of the Ministry of Telecommunication as per information given to unions in the meetings held on 17th October with the Director (HR)/CM and CMD respectively. The NFTE (BSNL) has taken a position that all the stake holders be consulted. Keeping in mind our past tradition the NFTE has placed demand yesterday with the CMD to invite all unions and associations to discuss revival plan of our bread earner. The need of the hour is to move together. All unions were consulted at the time of Corpor